No matter if we're sitting in a family's living room, on the soccer field, leading a class, or walking around a neighborhood, these concepts are what we inspire, empower, and live everyday.

These are our truths.

  1. Just Be You- Of the 7+ billion people on this Earth, there is only one of you. There was a 1 in 400 trillion chance of you just being exactly who you are. You are special. Unique. In a world that tells us what we should and out to be, you get to decide who you are. The more you celebrate you through self connection and self love, the less you will be defined by your struggles. Just Be You. #justbeyou #JBU

  2. Everyone Struggles- Some of us struggle more than others, but everyone struggles with something. Struggling is part of being human. Celebrate your struggles. While you struggle, you are more than your struggles. When self connected, you see your struggles as an opportunity to get stronger, not as your destiny for a struggled life. When acknowledging we all struggle, you have empathy and warmth for others who are struggling. #everyonestruggles

  3. One Life- We are only given one life on this Earth. No redos. While you don’t always get to choose what happens in your life, you get to choose how you respond to your life’s situations. Your choices on how you respond your life’s situations determine how you will live your life out. #onelife

  4. Happiness Takes Work- Just because we’re alive doesn’t give us the right to be happy. That would be great….maybe…..but it also could be boring to always be the same emotion. Instead of thinking about “Have a great day” or “All I want to be is happy” focus on being emotionally agile. Recognize you are going to experience a variety of emotions in your day and that the key to experiencing positive emotions is the work you put into working through the negative emotion. Have a skill set you can go to when you’re emotions are spiraling. Don't just “wish things would be better.” Do the work to make things better.

  5. Push Through- Sometimes life is just difficult. No other way to cut it. Developing that “push through” skill will help you see that sunny day after those rainy days. Pushing through is your emotional and physical stamina.

  6. 1% > 0%- That 100% is just not happening today. That’s okay. We got you. Something is better than nothing. Gives us what you got.

  7. Positivity Always Wins-You have a choice. You can be a positive or negative person. We think the more positive you are, the more good things are going to come your way. Positive things happen to positive people. #positivityalwayswins

  8. Offense! Offense! Offense!- Instead of waiting for “bad things to happen,” go on offense. Learn skills so when life tries to take the ball from you, the skills (plays) will help you win the game. Don’t be reactive, be proactive. Learn skills, test them, adjust, and re test. Always moving forward. Let’s GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  9. It’s All About the Skills-Like most if not all things in life, self connection and working through life’s struggles takes skills. We particularly like Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) skills around here, but recognize there are many useful skills to help you work through life’s tough moments. We wouldn’t expect you to cut the grass without knowing how to start the mower. We also wouldn’t expect you to effectively manage your struggles without some skills either. Sure. Can you go through life without formally learning skills? Sure. It just makes things a bit easier when you have skills to go to rather than always “just trying to figure it out.”

Oh! Just a couple more things….Paying respect to our Southern roots, we won’t turn around in your drive way (in the South it was believed to be unkind to leave tire marks in your drive way), walk in your grass (grass is tough to grow in the South and Southerners don’t want to chance messing up the grass), look in a women’s purse (that’s just rude ;) and we won’t use your restroom (don’t want to leave it untidy or stinky).

Our truths your truths? Cool. Check out our Services for ways to connect.