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Our story starts in 2009 when founder, Randy Floyd, LSCSW, opened a psychotherapy office in Overland Park, Kansas.  For the next five years, we treated children and adults with anxiety disorders and more generalized problems involving excessive worry, anxiety and stress reactions.  While we really enjoyed the office setting, we just wanted something a little different than traditional psychotherapy. We wanted to get real and connect with people in their most unfiltered, natural states. So......In 2014, we closed the office and became a community based program. 

Midwest Anxiety is a community based program for children, teens, and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, and more generalized problems involving negative thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.  Unlike traditional office-based psychotherapy, we work with people in “real life” situations in their natural environments (home, school, sporting events, etc). Instead of coming to us in a stuffy office, we come visit you in your world. We believe our “hands on” approach gives us the best opportunity to see your strengths while helping you overcome your struggles in the environments you live, work, and play. Our mobility also allows us to work with people in "real time."  No "see you in a couple weeks" for your next appointment.  We work in the moments (daily if needed) and in the environments of your struggles. Understanding in real time, in your natural environments, helps us implement step-by-step Cognitive Behavioral strategies to modify negative patterns as they arise. 

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We use an interactive, action-oriented Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) approach, integrating features of behavioral modification into cognitive restructuring. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is different from other kinds of psychotherapy or "talk therapy." CBT is an educational, goal-oriented approach, which focuses on how you think (cognition), how you feel (emotion) and how you act (behavior). Specifically, the interaction between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors determines your quality of life.

We believe in a goal focused treatment that emphasizes your strengths, while teaching you Cognitive Behavioral skills to better manage your struggles. We are constantly working to make progress and believe positive results are not beyond you.  We hope to see you soon!

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