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We offer Individual Therapy for children, teens, and adults.  Individual Therapy may be needed if anxiety, depression, or any other negative emotion is interfering in your life.  Individual Therapy is our most intense and individualized service.  We'll help you develop an individualized Treatment Plan, while helping you learn Cognitive Behavioral skills to better manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Who is eligible to participate in Individual Therapy?

Since we are a community based program, Individual Therapy is limited to Johnson County, Kansas residents only.

Who should participate in Individual Therapy?

Anyone who has taken a class or been a Monthly Club member and needing a more individualized service.  Maybe you haven't taken a class or been a Monthly Club member, but your life seems "out of control."  Your struggles are interfering in school, relationships, work, or other key parts of your life and things "aren't getting better."  You struggle with suicidal thoughts or attempts.  Anyone who wants high accountability and personalization of Cognitive Behavioral skills.  

What do I get in Individual Therapy?

  • Individualized Treatment Plan.  We will assess your current situation and help you develop social and emotional goals to achieve. With a specific focus on your treatment goals, our target is to help you accomplish your goals within 3-4 months.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Skill Set. We'll help you develop a skill set which is focused on improving your negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Access to your own personal portal. This portal will keep our communication and resources all in one place.
  • "Real Life" Sessions.  We'll work with you in person and by video in the environments you live and play.  
  • "Real Time" Support.  No "see you in a couple weeks."  Through nightly on-line check ins we'll have a heartbeat on how things are going.  If you are rockin' it, we'll continue on with our scheduled sessions.  If you're struggling, we'll schedule additional sessions as needed.
  • Nightly online "Check Ins."  We will always be on the same page with how you are responding to treatment through nightly Check Ins in the portal.  This is a great way to journal and also hold you accountable for using your skills daily.  We'll always respond to your Check Ins with a fist bump, words of encouragement, or slight adjustments to a skill you are learning.
  • Unlimited questions and Check Ins through the portal.  Got a question? Ask a way.  We're here to help.
  • Unlimited resources through the portal. The resources we post in your portal will be individualized to your situation.
  • FREE Classes Forever.  To continue building your skills attend any of our classes for FREE.  Wait....there's more.  You get FREE classes FOREVER!!! So if you ever need to brush up on your skills, just sign up for a class. Oh. Did we mention FREE Forever ;)

Our #1 establish a genuine relationship with you.  After that, we can get to that therapy stuff.  While you might only see your struggles, we also see your strengths.  We can't wait to meet you, let you know how awesome you are, and help you work through your social and emotional struggles. Click HERE to check out our awesome therapists.

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