We believe that social and emotional wellness can happen in many different ways.  We offer services for children, teens, and adults to help improve self-awareness and manage social and emotional struggles We hope you can find something to help you be well.

1. Programs- We believe there are many ways to be socially and emotionally well.  So....we offer a variety of programs to help you get the most out of your life.

2. Classes- We offer a variety of classes to help you identify and develop Cognitive Behavioral skills.  All of our classes are offered live online for just $9 per class.  No need to get a babysitter! You will join the class from the comfort and convenience of your computer.  So sit back, put on some comfortable clothes, and we will do the rest.

3. Individual Therapy- We offer individual therapy for children, teens, and adults.  Therapy may be needed if anxiety, depression, or any other negative emotion is interfering in your life. We will help you develop an individualized Treatment Plan, while helping you learn Cognitive Behavioral skills to better manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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