Do you want to have fun and meet new friends? Socialize! Tweens provides tweens ages 11 to 13 an opportunity to improve self-confidence in social interactions. We will Socialize! at a variety of community activities including SkyZone, AMC 30, and Power Play. Leave your parents at home and come Socialize!


Randy Floyd, LSCSW, Founder, Clinical Level Therapist

Randy is the founder of Midwest Anxiety. He is a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker who is an optimist and passionate about helping people focus on what they can do rather than what they can't do. Randy believes that building a strong therapeutic relationship and tapping into a person's strengths are the most essential components of the therapeutic experience. Randy is passionate about changing the way we do mental health. He is focused on making mental health normal, a positive experience. He is also adamant about doing mental health differently. Randy believes the "old ways" suggest mental health is for the "broken" or "mentally ill." Randy believes that "Everyone Struggles." Sure. Some people struggle more than others, but everyone struggles with something. With this belief, Randy is focused on providing a wide range of programs and services to help people be mentally well ;) Go give Randy a fist bump on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Reilly Dodd, LPC, Masters Level Therapist

Reilly is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has over 12 years of experience in education both as a teacher and school counselor. As an educator, Reilly has a unique and effective approach to counseling and understands the importance of building healthy family relationships. She loves working with children, parents and families to help them reach their full potential. Reilly believes everyone faces challenges and loves the concept of a growth mindset to help people realize that challenge and obstacles are a natural part of the learning and growth process. Go check out what Reilly is up to on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Morgan Greenough, LPC, Masters Level Therapist

Morgan is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is dedicated and passionate about helping others develop tools and skills to meet their mental health goals. She strives to be a helping hand through the healing process for individual, couples, and family counseling. Morgan enjoys working with parent/child conflict, family dynamic issues, and adolescent and young adult socialization. She has also worked with clients who have dealt with Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorders, communication issues, family conflict, socioeconomic issues, PTSD, and trauma. Being able to address each individual’s unique needs is a key part of Morgan’s therapeutic process. She believes that each person is different and has an essential role in discovering what works best for them. Go see what Morgan is up to on Instagram.

Lindsay Bucl, LMSW, Masters Level Therapist

Lindsay is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She has 8+ years of experience as a school social worker. Lindsay strongly believes in bridging the gap between school, home, and community to help children be successful. It is her passion to help children and their families identify challenges that interfere with learning and develop positive coping strategies to improve their educational experience. This involves connecting with children and families at an emotional level to build understanding and trust. She helps young people develop life skills including problem solving, social skills, self-advocacy, and positive decision-making. Lindsay believes that by building a sense of empowerment, her clients can overcome their challenges and live happier and healthier lives! Go give Lindsay a thumbs up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Activities will be held at various community locations. We'll meet and depart at the Entrance of the activity.


Friday, January 11, 2019, 7:00pm-8:30pm: Power Play

Power Play, 13110 W. 62nd Terrace, Shawnee, KS, 66216, 913-268-7200

Come “get your game on.”

Friday, January 25, 2019, 7:00pm-8:30pm: Crown Center

Crown Center, 2405 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO, 64108

Come join your friends as we eat, shop, and play at Crown Center.


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$25.00. Tween also will be responsible for paying admission fee, food, snacks and any other associated costs of activity.


To guarantee a spot, please register early.