• Kansas City Marathon (map)
  • 114 West 11th Street
  • Kansas City, MO, 64105
  • United States

On October 19, 2019, we’re running the Kansas City Marathon with Team Heartland of World Vision to help provide clean water to children in Africa. Whether it's raising money for children who have to walk 3.5 miles every day to get clean water or running the 26.2 miles Full Marathon, we’ll be emotionally and physically tested through this experience.

We've all had those life moments...When you’re socially, emotionally, relationally, financially up against a wall. You are worn down. Not sure how you are going to get through it. We like to call these "Push Through" moments. Where you have to dig deep with everything you got and even though you don't "feel" like it, you have to keep going. You've got to "Push Through!" Run with us in the KC Marathon to strengthen your grit, perseverance, and determination.

Whether it’s joining us in running the marathon, donating to World Vision, or helping us at a fundraising event, we hope you’ll join us for this transformational experience as we strengthen our emotional and physical stamina, while helping bring joy to children in Africa.


Want to run with us and also bring clean water to Africa? Join Team Heartland and run the KC Marathon with us!


We believe in living a life beyond ourselves. World Vision is the largest non-governmental provider of clean water in the world. Last year, World Vision reached over 4.6 million new people with clean water.

Midwest Anxiety and World Vision have a shared vision of giving children the best opportunity to have the healthiest, happiest life possible. Water changes the lives of children. They have better health, nutrition, and can go to school instead of spending the day fetching water.


Every Saturday from 10am-12pm come fetch your water from us. Pick up a pack of 32 Aquafina 16.9oz bottles of water for every $10 donation to World Vision. Stay updated on the Water Sale locations by following the Facebook Event Page.

NEED WATER NOW? As the kids in Africa have to on average walk 3.5 miles per day to fetch water, we want to fetch your water! For every $10 donation to World Vision, we will deliver a pack of 32 Aquafina 16.9oz bottles of water to your doorstep within 24 hrs. of your donation. As you are getting water for those lake trips, sports games, and everything else you are doing this Summer, give your money to the kids in Africa rather than some big box store. Seriously. We want to be your Water Boy this Summer so make your donation now and we’ll be in touch to get delivery instructions.

Donate HERE to get and give clean water.

**Disclaimer** Sorry. Water delivery is limited to Johnson County, Kansas residents only.


Inspired by our gritty, perseverant, determined clients we are running the 2019 Kansas City Marathon to practice our own “push through”abilities while also helping bring clean water to children in Africa.

Our original goal to raise for World Vision in 2019 was $3,000. We crushed that. Then we set a goal of $6,000. Crushed that. Now our goal is $10,000. Reaching our goal will provide 200 children lasting clean water! Please support the Midwest Anxiety team by donating any dollar amount to World Vision. Thank you ;)

Donate HERE to World vision ;)


Running the KC Marathon and help provide children in Africa clean water is thinking beyond ourselves. We can't and don't want to do this alone. We hope you will join us in person or on social media on this journey.