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Need a high five,“let’s go,” or a “you got this” when you’re not feeling good? Short on resources on how to help you feel good? Want to meet others who struggle with anxiety, depression, parenting, school, work, and many other curve balls life throws at us? You should join The Feel Good Community ;) There are only two kickers to joining the community. 1.) You must want to Feel Good. 2.) Once you join the community, you must be supportive of other members of the community. No negative vibes allowed ;)

The Feel Good Community Benefits:

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  • Access to The Feel Good Community Closed Facebook Group. This is where you’ll be able to have online conversations with other community members who may be going through similar struggles. You can bounce ideas off each other. What has worked? What hasn’t? You’ll not be alone in your struggles. You’ll be surrounded by people who “get it.”

  • Access to Personalized Resources. We continuously post resources in the community relevant to the conversations and topics. Need a resource on a specific topic? Just ask. We’re at your finger tips ;)

  • Ask Us Anything Anytime. Got a “What if” or “What should I do when” question? Tag us in the community or private message us and where there for whatever question you’ve got.

  • Monthly Video Chat. You’re invited to join a monthly video chat exclusively for members of The Feel Good Community. This is yet just another way we support and help you work through your struggles.

  • 50% Discount on Events. As a member of the community, you’ll receive 50% off events.

  • Front of the Individual Therapy line. Since you’re a member of our community, we’ll already know about your situation a bit. If you ever want to participate in Individual Therapy, we’ll put you at the front of the Individual Therapy Wait List with the other Feel Good members.

Community Fee:

$45.00 per month. We want you to Feel Good about being a member of The Feel Good Community. So….we give you some time to check out the community before being charged on the 1st of the month. If you’re not feeling good about the community, you can cancel your membership at any time without additional fees.

Individual Therapy clients (past and current) are eligible to join the community FREE forever.

Join The Feel Good Community:

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