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The Monthly Club

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Need more than a class but not as much as individual therapy? The Monthly Club may just be your jam.  With the Monthly Club, you'll get more of an individualized focus than our classes but not as much of a commitment as our individual therapy.  As an extension of our classes, the Monthly Club takes what you learned in class and makes it personal to your situation. You'll get access to all our resources and the opportunity to have a one hour per month video call with one of our therapists.  If you've taken one of our classes, but not sure you want to jump to individual therapy, try the Monthly Club.

Who is eligible to be a Monthly Club member?

Before you can become a Monthly Club member, you must have taken one of our classes.   This will give us an opportunity to get to know each other just a bit.  Also by taking a class first, you'll have learned the Cognitive Behavioral basic skills that will give you a good foundation going forward as a Monthly Club member.

Who should be a Monthly Club member?

Anyone who wants to elaborate and personalize the Cognitive Behavioral skills learned in one of our classes.

What do I get as a Monthly Club member?

  • Access to the same portal as our individual therapy clients. This portal will keep our communication and resources all in one place.

  • 1 hour per month video call with one of our therapists.

  • Ask us four questions per month through the portal.We will answer four of your "What do I do when...." or "What if......" questions to hopefully help push you forward.

  • Receive four resources per month through the portal. The resources we post in your portal will be individualized to your situation.

  • 50% off all our classes while you are a Monthly Club member

When can I start the Monthly Club?

You can start the Monthly Club on the 1st day of any month after you have completed a class.

How much does the Monthly Club cost?

The cost is $200.00 per month.  Stay in the Monthly Club as long as you want.  You'll have a choice to renew each month.

I want to become a Monthly Club member. How do I sign up?

Great! Yeah! If you haven't taken one of our classes, click HERE to register for a class.

If you've already taken a class, please purchase a month of the Monthly Club and we'll be in contact with the next steps.