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Do you want to better understand how your students, parents, and school staff can work through anxiety and other social/emotional concerns in the classroom?  Do you want to better manage students who don't come to school or want to leave school early?  We would love to consult with your school and provide Cognitive Behavioral interventions to help your students, parents, and school staff have more confidence in managing social and emotional struggles.

Parent Meetings

Parenting is tough, especially when your students are struggling at home, school, soccer field, or all the other places kids live, learn, and play.  We've done the "parent night."  Where we come to the school, speak for 45 minutes and then give 15 minutes for Q & A.  To be honest, we've found parent nights just don't provide enough time for consultation.  Instead, we believe what's best is a recurring monthly meeting for your parents.   These monthly parent meetings, led by one of our therapists, are a great way for your school staff to partner with parents, while we discuss a different social and emotional topic each month. 

Student Meetings

We believe school is a great place for your students to learn Cognitive Behavioral skills to manage social and emotional struggles.  Whether it be during club time, guided study, or after school, we'll work with you to schedule Student Meetings.

Staff Meetings

Like parent nights, we've presented at many one hour professional development meetings.  Generally these one hour meetings are just enough to get you interested, but leave no time for developing interventions for your educators to apply in the classroom.  We'll work with you to determine your professional development needs and then schedule staff meetings to discuss ways to apply Cognitive Behavioral interventions in the classroom.

School Refusal Program

How does your school manage school refusal students?  Are you concerned without specific school refusal interventions, your students will continue to fall behind? With an estimated 28% of American students demonstrating school refusal behaviors, over one quarter of your students are academically, socially, and emotionally losing out.  We would love to consult with your school to help your educators learn how to assess the four reasons for school refusal behavior and implement a step-by-step school refusal protocol to implement in your school.

Everyone Struggles

Would you agree that Everyone Struggles?  While some of us socially and emotionally struggle more than others, we all struggle with something.  Your students carry struggles to school, struggle during school, and struggle when they go home.  These struggles limit your students academics and more importantly, their happiness.  Everyone Struggles is a program to help your students, parents, and school staff feel more comfortable talking about their struggles.  With a school culture of discussing social and emotional struggles, your students, parents, and school staff will be more socially, emotionally, and academically healthy.


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