Got questions about anxiety, depression, parenting, or anything else “life” throws at you? Invite us to your neighborhood/family/ friend get togethers, school, work, Girl Scout meeting, sports team practice. The AskMidwestAnxiety Show is a fun way to have conversations about mental health in the places you live, work, and play. You bring the questions. We’ll bring the answers.

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You can do mental health differently! It’s simple. All it takes is doing what you like with the focus on doing it to boost your mental health. If you play the guitar. Play the guitar to get rid of the anxiety, depression, or whatever else is bothering you. If you run. Run with the intention to sweat out your negativity. Doing mental health differently looks differently for all of us. Some of love to paint. Some of love to listen to music. Some of us just can’t shake our struggles and need psychotherapy and medicine. It doesn’t matter how you do mental health as long as you do mental health.

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Some struggle more than others, but everyone struggles with something.    It is not “us” vs. the “mentally ill.”  It is everyone! Everyone has mental health.  The more we accept struggling is something that we all do, the more we will share our struggles. Let's make mental health "normal" by sharing our struggles.


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