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The way we do and talk about mental health is outdated. Mental health was founded on believing those who were “mentally ill” were demonically possessed. While we’ve come a long ways, mental health still has a bad vibe. Mental health is still stigmatized. People who have are diagnosed with a mental health condition are “mentally ill.” Mental health is still something we don’t talk much about. It is drab!

We believe it’s time to start doing mental health differently. It’s time we start accepting that Everyone Struggles.  Some of us struggle more than others, but everyone struggles with something.  While we all struggle, we also believe we are more than our struggles. We have more strengths than struggles. By accepting your struggles and doubling down on your strengths, you can Just Be You. We are passionate about normalizing mental health by focusing on mental wellness, rather than mental illness.  It is not us vs. the "mentally ill."  It is all of us.  Like physical health, we all have mental health.  So let’s make mental health more fun, easier to talk about. I hope you will join us in doing mental health differently.

You can do mental health differently! It’s simple. All it takes is doing what you like with the focus on doing it to boost your mental health. If you play the guitar. Play the guitar to get rid of the anxiety, depression, or whatever else is bothering you. If you run. Run with the intention to sweat out your negativity. Doing mental health differently looks differently for all of us. Some of love to paint. Some of love to listen to music. Some of us just can’t shake our struggles and need psychotherapy and medicine. It doesn’t matter how you do mental health as long as you do mental health.


To do mental health differently, we are going to need to change the way our culture does and talks about mental health. We're excited to be partnering with musicians, athletes, restaurants, fashion, video, radio, television, businesses, schools, and others to make mental health “normal” and fun. If you would like to partner with us in doing mental health differently, please complete the info. below.

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