Let's get started!

We are very excited that you have chosen Midwest Anxiety to help manage life's curveballs.  To get a fast start, we have provided you with some information that will be helpful during our work together.  We look forward to connecting with you real soon!

1. Classes- We offer a variety of classes to help you identify and develop Cognitive Behavioral skills.  These classes will help you get up to speed on the skills and help us move our individual work along.  Most of our classes are offered live online. No need to get a babysitter! You will join the class from the comfort and convenience of your computer.  So sit back, put on some comfortable clothes, and we will do the rest. 

2. Programs- We enjoy engaging people in a variety of ways to be socially and emotionally well.  We hope you will join us in one of these programs as they will reinforce what we are doing in our work together.

3. Onehub- We use Onehub to share resources and assign tasks during your therapy sessions.  You will be invited by email to join this online portal.  This portal allows us to easily provide you with individualized resources throughout your treatment.  This also enables us to provide a continuous treatment experience in which you are learning during and between sessions.

4. Daily Check Ins- Life happens everyday, so lets make sure that you are getting the most out of it.  Daily check ins help us make sure you are working toward achieving your goals.  Click HERE to check in daily.  Password is happy In the future, you can access the Daily Check In at https://www.midwestanxiety.com/checkin or by going to https://www.midwestanxiety.com

5. GoToMeeting- We also use GoToMeeting to “check in” with you by video to fill in the gaps between therapy sessions with hopes to accelerate your progress toward your treatment goals.  “Check Ins” will be scheduled as needed depending on the progress toward your treatment goals.  Please request your Meeting ID# by clicking the button below.

6. Tees- Like the Tees you see us wearing?  We do.  We wear them as a reminder to ourselves and others to be well.  If you need a daily reminder to give at least 1% or remember that you only have One Life so only live in happiness, check out our Tees.

7. Social Media- We use social media to connect with the community and provide various resources.  I would encourage you to like, follow, and join our social media channels to stay up to date on our programs and resources.

We looking forward to connecting with you real soon!  Take good care.