Parenting can often feel like walking on eggshells. Seeing your child stressed, frustrated, and angry you don't know what will put him/her over the edge.  Whether you are a new parent, single parent, parent of toddlers to teenagers, this class is for you.

Who's Melting Down Now is less about your child and more how you respond to your child. This class will help you not be afraid of saying the wrong thing or becoming frustrated and responding with anger. Instead of becoming emotionally reactive, this class will teach you how to remain calm and consistent during conflict. Modeling these parenting skills, you will help your child begin to think, feel, and act differently in distressing situations.  You will feel better about being a parent, while allowing your child to better self regulate negative emotions. With the right approach you can have a loving relationship and help your child become the independent, caring and capable young adult.

This class is held Live Online. No need to get a baby sitter! You will join the class from the convenience of your computer. When you join the class online, you will see the presenter and the presenter's screen. You will not be seen or heard, but will be able to engage in conversation and ask questions through the class chat platform. So....put your comfortable clothes on, sit back, and enjoy.

If you are unable to attend the class live online, you can purchase a pre-recording of the class. After your purchase, you will receive a link to access the class notes and audio/video pre-recording of the class. Click HERE to purchase a pre-recording of the class.


Spots are limited. To guarantee a spot, please register early.