Are you always worried about what others are thinking of you?  Do you avoid social situations because you are "too anxious?"  Please join us as we discuss how anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can hold socially anxious people from enjoying school, work, friendships, and so much more.  We will help you stop hiding from socially anxiety and people by using Cognitive Behavioral skills to care more about yourself than others perceptions of you.

This class is held Live Online. You will join the class from the convenience of your computer. When you join the class online, you will see the presenter and the presenter's screen. You will not be seen or heard, but will be able to engage in conversation and ask questions through the class chat platform. So....put your comfortable clothes on, sit back, and enjoy.


If you are unable to attend the class live online, you can purchase a pre-recording of the class.  After your purchase, you will receive a link to access the class notes and audio/video pre-recording of the class.  Click HERE to purchase a pre-recording of the class.


Spots are limited. To guarantee a spot, please register early. After you register, you will receive an email with the information to connect at the time of the class.