Is your young adult 18-25 y/o child giving college a try or already tried and it's not going well? Are you concerned and "at a loss" about what you should do as a parent? Is it okay to let your young adult child take a "gap year" and live at home with you? Are you worried about his/her social and emotionally wellbeing? Join us and other concerned parents at Pinstripes for dinner and discussion about the importance, benefits, and how to establish your parent boundaries and expectations to allow your young adult child to keep giving college a try, successfully live independently, and/or maintain employment.


Pinstripes, 13500 Nall Ave, Overland Park, KS 66223, (913) 681-2255


Parents of young adults 18-25 who are struggling to remain in college, "tried" and quit college, or not working or going to school and not functioning well.


Randy Floyd, LSCSW, Founder, Clinical Level Therapist

Randy is the founder of Midwest Anxiety. He is a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker who is an optimist and passionate about helping people focus on what they can do rather than what they can't do. Randy believes that building a strong therapeutic relationship and tapping into a person's strengths are the most essential components of the therapeutic experience. Randy is passionate about changing the way we do mental health. He is focused on making mental health normal, a positive experience. He is also adamant about doing mental health differently. Randy believes the "old ways" suggest mental health is for the "broken" or "mentally ill." Randy believes that "Everyone Struggles." Sure. Some people struggle more than others, but everyone struggles with something. With this belief, Randy is focused on providing a wide range of programs and services to help people be mentally well ;) Go give Randy a fist bump on Twitter and Facebook.


After dinner, Randy Floyd, LSCSW will meet with a parent to discuss their situation in detail and create a personalized plan.


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$50.00 per person. You will be responsible for your eats and drinks at Cocobolos.

$150.00 for one hour After Dinner Meeting with Randy Floyd, LSCSW to discuss your situation in detail and create a personalized plan. (Only one meeting available)


Seating is limited to 10 people. To guarantee a seat, please register early.